A Positive Online Course to Brighten Social Distancing

March 27, 2020 12:00 am

Weekly Realtor Review

It’s been a hard week for our industry, but I was proud of the way people joined together and overcame to make closings happen. The week had its challenges, to be sure. Were you able to make your closings work out or did some have to be postponed? What were some of your biggest hurdles?

How can I help you this coming week? I am here for anything you need, as we are still funding loans. You can count on my team to have your back. I would love to set up some time just to connect on the phone or through Zoom. Sometimes just staying in touch makes all the difference as we all do our best to weather this storm.

If you are looking for something positive to do, the Science of Well-Being course from Yale University is available for free right now and is a much-needed respite from watching the news.

Stay well. I really appreciate you, and I hope you know that.