Know What Your Competition is Doing

February 19, 2020 12:00 am

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Maybe it’s just me, but did it seem like January lasted nine weeks and February has flown right by? Early spring is a reality this year, and I am ready for it! With rates like this, so many people are able to finally make moving into a new home a reality, and it should be a terrific year for us.

One thing I always try to keep my eye on is what the competition is offering that I might not have. Whether that’s technology platforms that give them a bit of an edge or certain programs that they offer, I find that pondering what I might be missing actually creates a good dialogue between my agents and me, so I would love your feedback.

My goal for this year is also to introduce you to more leads. When trying to match buyers with you, a lot of it depends on the area of town a buyer is considering and whether their personality is a good fit for yours. I don’t know that there is much (or anything) that your competition has over you, but I want to make sure a homebuyer is the right homebuyer for YOU.

Can you share with me your concept of the ideal customer and let me know what I can do to serve you better? I appreciate it and appreciate your candor!